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Vendas de discos 1984

LP's mais vendidos - Top Música & Som

1 - Thriller - Michael Jackson
2 - The Works - Queen
3 - Pipes Of Peace - Paul McCartney
4 - Private Dancer - Tina Turner
5 - Can't Slow Down - Lionel Richie
6 - O Calhambeque - Roberto Carlos
7 - The Woman In Red - Banda Sonora
8 - Julio - Julio Iglesias
9 - Footloose - Banda Sonora
10 - Holiday Stars - Vários (Polystar)

Nacionais: 1-84-Trovante; 2-Guardador de Margens-Rui Veloso; 3-Dar E Receber - António variações
artistas (Rui Veloso; Antonio Variações; Rão Kyao) Grupos (Trovante/Trio Odemira/Heróis do Mar)

Singles mais vendidos - Top Música & Som

1 - I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder
2 - Hello - Lionel Richie
3 - Radio Ga Ga - Queen
4 - Self Control - Laura Branigan
5 - Against All Odds - Phil Collins
6 - I Want To Break Free - Queen
7 - Careless Whisper - George Michael
8 - Pipes Of Peace - Paul McCartney
9 - I Like Chopin - Gazebo
10 - Thriller - Michael Jackson
11 - 99 Red Balloons - Nena
12 - All Night Long - Lionel Richie
13 - Amar Como Jesus Amou - José Cid
14 - Susanna - The Art Company
15 - Flashdance...What A Feeling - Irene Cara
16 - Karma Chameleon - Culture Club
17 - Reggae Night - Jimmy Cliff
18 - State Of The Nation - Industry
19 - Only You - Flying Pickets
20 - All Of You - Julio Iglesias/ Diana Ross

Nacionais: 1-Amar Como Jesus Amou - JC; 2-Morena Morenita-MP;3-Carlitos Carlitos-F

Grupos: Broa de Mel; UHF; Davinci

Álbuns em destaque:

Jackpot - Vários (EMI) (1#1)
O Amor É A Moda - Roberto Carlos (4#1)
Undercover - Rolling Stones - #3
Flashdance - Banda Sonora (1#1)
Thriller - Michael Jackson (14#1)
Can't Slow Down - Lionel Richie - #3
Pipes Of Peace - Paul McCartney - #2
Ciclo - Maria Bethânia - #3
Hearts And Bones - Paul Simon - #3
Alchemy - Dire Straits - #2
Julio - Julio Iglesias (4#1)
1984 - Van Halen - #4
Victims Of Circumstance - Barclay James Harvest - #4
The Works - Queen (2#1)
O Calhambeque - Roberto Carlos (5#1)
The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking - Roger Waters - #3
Holiday Stars - Vários (Polystar) (5#1)
Against All Odds - Banda Sonora - #3
Victory - The Jacksons (1#1)
Born In The USA - Bruce Springsteen - #3 [TD1]
Breakin' - Banda Sonora (2#1)
Footloose - Banda Sonora (2#1)
Private Dancer - Tina Turner (4#1)
1100 Bel Air Place - Julio Iglesias - #2
The Woman In Red - Banda Sonora (5#1)
Genius Supersonic - Vários (CBS) - #2
Jackpot 84 - Vários (EMI) (2#1)
Polystar - Vários - #3
Discovery - Mike Oldfield - #0 [TD3]

Singles em destaque:

Flashdance...What A Feeling - Irene Cara (4#1)
Karma Chameleon - Culture Club (1#1)
I Like Chopin - Gazebo (3#1)
Amar Como Jesus Amou - José Cid (1#1)
All Night Long - Lionel Richie (1#1)
Pipes Of Peace - Paul McCartney (2#1)
Only You - Flying Pickets (1#1)
Radio Ga Ga - Queen (7#1)
Reggae Night - Jimmy Cliff - #3
Thriller - Michael Jackson (4#1)
To All The Girls I Love - Julio Iglésias / Willie Nelson - #3
99 Red Balloons - Nena (1#1)
Somebody Watching Me - Rockwell - #5
I Want To Break Free - Queen (5#1)
Hello - Lionel Richie - #2
State Of The Nation - Industry - #4
Against All Odds - Phil Collins (5#1)
Susanna - The Art Company - #2
Morena Morenita - Marco Paulo - #5
Self Control - Laura Branigan (3#1)
I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder (14#1)
Careless Whisper - George Michael - #2
All Of You - Julio Iglesias/ Diana Ross - #4
Missing You - John Waite - #3
What's Love Got To Do… - Tina Turner - #3

2 Tabelas anteriores ao começo do programa Top Disco publicadas no Diário de Lisboa.

O início do programa "Top Disco", com as primeiras tabelas oficiais em Portugal, esteve previsto para Abril de 1984 mas apenas começou em 6 de Outubro de 1984. O programa começou por ser transmitido aos Sábados pelas 19h00.

Na primeira semana estavam em primeiro lugar o single "I Just Called To Say Y Love You" de Stevie Wonder e o álbum "Born In The USA" de Bruce Springesteen. O single de Stevie Wonder dominou as tabelas durante os últimos meses de 1984 e os primeiros de 1985.

A revista Música & Som continuou a divulgar a tabela por si elaborada.

Ranking por Editoras:

EMI - 24.06%; Polygram - 21.94%; CBS - 20.2%; Selecções - 18.26%; Edisom - 8.59%; Dacapo - 4.88%; Transmédia - 1.25%; Edisco - 0.89%; Vadeca - 0.7%; Verbo - 0.43%; Fundação Atlântica - 0.22%

Não constam as vendas da Rádio Triunfo que foi excluída de sócia do GPPFV por não fornecer os dados de 1984.

Ranking por editoras / 1984

Jornal Blitz

--Artigo da revista Billboard (destaques 1984/1985, por editora):

CBS: singles - Wham! (4 singles - Careless Whisper, Ouro); Art company; Julio Iglesias/Diana Ross (All Of You); Albuns: Ana Faria, Julio Iglesias, Bruce Springsteen, Footloose;

Radio Triunfo: Michael Franks, Rickie Lee Jones; Laura Branigan, Alphaville, Chaka Khan, Madonna, José Afonso, Frank Sinatra (LA Is My Lady), Rod Stewart, Phil Collins;

Polygram: Nik Kershaw; Rão Kyao (Estrada da Luz, ouro); Stevie Wonder (I Just Called To Say I Love You - 170.000; Woman In Red - 70.000); Lionel Richie;
Vecemi: Marco Paulo, Amália Rodrigues, Tina Turner, Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Vitorino, Limahl, John Waite, Queen;

Edisom: Culture Club, Giorgio Moroder/Phil Oakey, Superdisco ;

Transmédia: Júlio Pereira (Cadói) .

[Billboard 02/03/1985]

Livro "Caderneta de Cromos" de Nuno Markl / ilustração de Patricia Furtado

Há sempre lugar para alguns artistas da música. Neste caso o cromo de Stevie Wonder com "I Just Called To Say I Love You".

17 comentários:

Hernán disse...


Your blog is amazing.

Juts two things:

You listed Queen's "I Want To Break Free" twice.

Where did you find out it was #1 in 1984? Is that confirmed?

Also, Queen's "The Works" was certified gold in 1984 and was one of the very best selling albums of the year.

Could you please list the peak positions for other Queen albums like "Innuendo", "Greatest Hits II" or "Five Live"? I heard some of them were #1 but I haven't been able to confirm them.

bpt disse...

I could confirm #1s for "I", "MIH" and "GHII", #2 for "Live Magic" and #3 for "AKOM". I have few information in some years so i can't help you in other records. Most of the information is already in the blog. "Five Live" was considered as a longplay and reach the charts but I don't have that information.

1984 was the year when began the official charts with the tv-show "Top Disco" (Oct 1984). "TW" and "IWTBF" were nº 1 on the same week as the nacional chart (July 1984) of "Música & Som" that I found in the internet.

"Platina" only after 1982/3. I don't have other figures.

Hernán disse...

Hello bpt,

Thank you for this amazing information. It is good to confirm this: so Queen had at least 4 number one albums.

Just a few questions (not willing to take your time):

Firstly, You mentioned that "Live Magic" was #2 in 1987. Do you know wich album was charting at #1 during that same week where Queen's "Live Magic" reached #2? I'm asking you for this because if it was outsold by a Various Artists album, I would count the Queen album as a #1 record.

Secondly, I think that "Live At Wembley '86" was also #1 in 1992. It was among the very bst selling albums of the year. Any idea?

And to end, do you know other peak positions for any Queen or Freddie Mercury related singles? A Portuguese friend told me that "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", "Body Language", "Innuendo" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" were chart toppers in Portugal.

Sorry if I'm asking for too much. you may know some these things. I'm a big Queen fan. I have all their certifications, are you interested? I posted all the information I found here on UKmix.

Hernán disse...

By the way, on a Queen Portuguese chart, I found this:

"Em 1993 é editado "The Freddie Mercury Album", chegou ao primeiro lugar nos Tops de vários países, Portugal incluído. "Living on my own" arrasou as discotecas do mundo inteiro."

If you are able to confirm it, it would be great. I realize you don't have all the information you would like to have; however, if you ever come cross this, just post it, please. I love Portuguese charts. This is an incredible blog.

Hernán disse...

Hello bpt,

No reply to my questions? Please, you can help me.

Here is something I found on a Queen site:

"Em 1993 é editado "the Freddie Mercury album", chegou ao primeiro lugar nos Tops de vários países, Portugal incluído. "Livin´ on my own" arrasou as discotecas do mundo inteiro"

Hernán disse...

Hello Bpt,

Why did you delete my last message? If I broke any rule, just let me know.

I just want to collaborate as much as possible and know certain things about Queen, because I'm a big fan.

bpt disse...

No message was deleted! There must be a problem with the comments box. But in same cases it's better if you put your questions in the years of the records. Someone could help you in the future.

LM was outsould by other type of records. The chart below was one or two weeks after...

No data for other records.

bpt disse...

It was a problem with the spam detection.

You could put suggestions or information of any records (or artists) in the years related.

Sometimes you put Telepac as a source. What type of information is that and where you found it?

The Billboard issue that refers Queen as best sellers on 1984 mention other records or artists?

Hernán disse...

Hello Bpt,

Now I see. I was assuming you had deleted them but I was wrong. I didn't mean to sound rude, I was just curious to know what had happened. Sorry for that.

The certifications were provided by email. A friend was sent this information. You could try at this email address:

I doubt they will reply.

I think may be an old site or something. The people behind this information are those who work for AFP.

Here they are:

DVD (x of times Pl and the year it i was certified)
Greatest Video Hits Emi-VC VM 3X 2003
Greatest Video Hits 2 EMI-VC VM 2X 2003

The Platinum Collection EMI - VC LP 1X 2002
Greatest Hits III Emi-VC LP 1X 1999
Greatest Hits I&II Emi-VC LP 1X 1998
Made In Heaven Emi-VC LP 3x 1996
Greatest Hits II Emi-VC LP 4x 1992
Live At Wembley '86 Polygram LP 2x 1992

Greatest Hits Emi-VC LP 1992
Innuendo Emi-VC LP 1991
The Miracle Emi-VC LP 1990
The Works Vecemi LP 1984
Queen Live Killers VC LP 1982

At Wembley Emi-VC VM 1992

I Want To Break Free Vecemi SP 1984

Queen Rocks Emi-VC LP 1997
A Kind Of Magic Emi-VC LP 1987
Live Magic Emi-VC LP 1987
News Of The World VC LP 1982

Greatest Flix II Emi-VC VM 1992

Radio Gaga Vecemi SP 1984
Crazy Little Thing Called Love VC SP 1982

dvd certification
1000 silver
2000 gold
4000 platinum

cd certification
10000 silver
20000 gold
40000 platinum

Note how they coincide with the annual articles. In 1992, "Greatest Hits II" was certified quadruple platinum, which is what you listed in the blog. This proves this is right.

bpt disse...

"News Of The World" (2 weeks) and "Jazz" (1 week) were #1 on "Musica & Som" charts. I can guarantee you also that the single "Innuendo" was #1 in 1991.

Hernán disse...

Hello Bpt,

Thank you. I'm glad to know both albums were number one in Portugal, plus, it is great to learn that "Innuendo" reached the top position on the singles chart.

Please, if you find the peak positions for "A Day At The Races" (in 1977), "Live Killers" (in 1979), "The Game" (in 1980), "Greatest Hits" and "Hot Space" (in 1982), share them with me.

I know you aren't collection Queen related information like me; but, if by any coincidence you do find out what peak positions those albums achieved, it would be great if you could share that with me.

bpt disse...

recently i visited that site and the information was already there

Hernán disse...

Hello Bpt,

When you mentioned that both "News Of The World" and "Jazz" were number one in Portugal, did you take it from the actual magazine "Musica & Som" which you found yourself? Or did you take that from

Personally, I don't trust that site even if some peaks are right, of course.

I would like all that to be confirmed.

For example, do you believe "Live At Wembley '86" was #1 in 1992? You didn't list it as an "album em destaque" for 1992. The same for "Greatest Hits" in 1982: is it possible for it to have been #1?

I hope you do find that out, eventually.

Hernán disse...


About "Live At Wembley '86", I now remember that it was double platinum in 1992 (40,000 copies, because it is a double album) and it finished the year end chart at #6 in 1992.

But there has to be a reason why you didn't list an "album em destaque". Or maybe you just didn't find any chart for that specific period? It was released in May and will have started charting in June 1992.

bpt disse...

In some years (like 1992) we don't had access to all week charts (the Freddie Mercury's records are another example of that) but as you mention "Live At Wembley" was one of the best sellers in that year. The information of #1s was found in an article of Musica & Som. I trust the site because it seems correct with the data we have.

Hernán disse...

Thank you, Bpt.

I hope you can eventually find all that. But it is already great what you have found. Thank you for sharing it.

Just curious: do you know how many weeks "Innuendo" and "Greatest Hits II" spent at #1 in Portugal?

Anónimo disse...

So "The Works" was the #2 album of 1984, plus Queen had two singles in the annual Top 10. Very successful year for the bands.

I'm not surprised that "Thriller" was the best selling album of 1984.

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