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Vendas de discos 1980

Alguns Singles em destaque no ano de 1980

Anúncio de Jornal - Julia Graciela
Amanha de Manhã - Doce
I Was Made For Loving You - Kiss - #1 [1]
Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles - #2
Another Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd - #1 [3]
Message In A Bottle - The Police - #2
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen - #3
Doce - Doce - #2
Um Grande Grande Amor - José Cid - #2
Laugh And Walk Away - The Shirts - #3
What´s Another Year - Johnny Logan - #1 [1]
She's In Love With You - Suzi Quatro - #1 [2]
Plastic Plastic - Buggles - #3
Echo Beach - Martha & The Muffins - #3
Canção do Beijinho - Herman José - #2
Eu Tenho Dois Amores - Marco Paulo - #1 [2] [3 discos de ouro, 150.000]
Weekend - Earth & Fire - #1 [4]
Call Me - Blondie - #2
Funkytown - Lipps Inc - #3
Chico Fininho - Rui Veloso - #2
The Winner Takes It All - Abba - #2
Alguns Álbuns em destaque no ano de 1980

The Wall - Pink Floyd - #1 [5]
Regatta de Blanc - The Police - #2
At Budokan - Cheap Trick - #3
One Step Beyond - Madness - #3
20 Diamond Hits - Neil Diamond - #2
Dream Police - Cheap Trick - #3
Flex - Lene Lovich - #2
End Of The Century - Ramones - #3
Duke - Genesis - #3
Hot Stars - Vários (Polystar) - #1 [2]
Emotional Rescue - Rolling Stones - #2
Off The Wall - Michael Jackson - #2
Os Grandes Grandes Êxitos - José Cid - #1 [1]
Peter Gabriel 3 - Peter Gabriel - #2
Ar de Rock - Rui Veloso - #1 [3]
The Game  - Queen   - #4
Highway To Hell - AC/DC - #3
Os Super 20 - Vários (Polystar) - #1 [2]
Zenyatta Mondatta - The Police - #2
Eu Gostava de Ser Quem Era - Amália Rodrigues - #3
dados recolhidos por consulta de algumas revistas Música & Som e Billboard

Cassette Sales Jump 20 %; Disks Up 15 %, In Portugal

LISBON -Despite the pervading aura of economic crisis and rampant inflation, record and cassette sales increased in Portugal last year over the 1979 figures; disk sales were up by around 15% and cassette figures rose by 20%.

A breakdown of the statistics as- sembled by GPPFV, the Portuguese branch of the International Federation of Producers of Phonograms and Videograms (IFPI), show single sales at 3.5 million for the year, albums at 4 million and cassette sales at one million. Mail-order sales of Reader's Digest also hit the million mark.

The figures also show a change in the ratio of disk to cassette sales. In 1979, sales were 90% records and only 10% cassettes. Now the ratio is roughly 75 -25.

That legitimate cassette sales are on the increase is largely due to the persistent fight against tape piracy waged by GPPFV as the Portuguese industry watchdog, and by Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (SPA), the copyright society which handles both performing and mechanical rights.
The national record credits 1980 rock concerts in Lisbon and Oporto by such U.K. acts as Police, Peter Gabriel, Lene Lovich and Fischer-Z, with increasing record sales.

A spin off to the live-show buildup is the encouragement given to Portuguese rock musicians to form their own bands, examples including Rui Veloso and Banda Sonora, UHF, Roxigenio, Street Kids and Jafumega. Veloso had number one hits with his debut album "Ar de Rock" and the single "Chico Fininho," and the UHF single "Cavalos de Corrida" was another number one. The result is that Portuguese rock music today feels it can confidently wave its own flag despite the obvious strength of foreign competition.

A chart breakdown shows that 1980 was a big year for British acts in the international section, Pink Floyd emerging as top group. The female quartet As Doce was the most successful of the national groups.


Outras fontes:

Em 1980, com 26 anos, a sua "Canção do Beijinho" [de Herman José] tinha já vendido 40 mil discos, no mês de Agosto. Em Setembro lança o LP "Surpresa". Um ano depois ganha o seu segundo disco de ouro, com a "Canção do Beijinho".  - Herman José / CITI

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Anónimo disse...

Pink Floyd have had an incredible success:

The following albums were number one:

The Wall
The Final Cut
A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
Delicate Sound Of Thunder
The Division Bell
The Wall Live

At least nine chart topping albums.

I guess "The Dark Side Of The Moon" and "Wish You Were Here" were also number one. That would mean they had eleven number one albums.

Anónimo disse...

Hello BPT,

Are you sure that The Game was "only" number 4.

I recall some Billboard magazines where it was higher.

Plus, it had a long chart run.

I would like to know the best sellers of 1980.

I hope you can find all that stuff.

bpt disse...

Musica & Som was a monthly magazine in that period. Billboard 22/Nov/1980 - Nº 4 (staying the same) in two months. http://books.google.pt/books?id=mCQEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PT90&dq=%2B%22the+game%22%2B%22queen%22%2B%22billboard%22%2B%22portugal%22&hl=pt-PT&sa=X&ei=PIb2UKWgJoaZhQe2-YGABA&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAA

Anónimo disse...

Thank you.

Not sure why, but I remember seeing one chart where it was higher, also on the Billboard magazine. Maybe it was removed?

Those two Billboard charts (with The Game at number 4) are from October 1980, the album was relased in June. So maybe it debuted earlier.

asd disse...

Encontrei um recorte de uma revista TV Top de 1984 onde referiam que os singles Ma Baker, Da Ya Think I'm Sexy, Another Brick In The Wall, Enola Gay e Flashdance...What A Feeling tinham sido os únicos singles a conseguirem recuperar o primeiro lugar do top Música & Som depois de anteriormente terem sido destronados por duas vezes (três vezes no caso dos Pink Floyd). Todos estes singles tiveram pelo menos 3 semanas em primeiro lugar.

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