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Vendas de discos 1979

Supertramp - Nov / 1979

Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits - #
Recordar É Viver - Victor Espadinha (4#1)
Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees - #2
You're The One That I Want - John Travolta/Olivia Newton-John - #3
Bicycle Race - Queen - #3
Rasputin - Boney M - #2
Os Amantes - Mara Abrantes - #2
Cara de Gitana - Daniel Magal (5#1)
Tema de Márcio - Paulo Henrique - #4
Too Much Heaven - Bee Gees  - #3
Sobe Sobe Balão Sobe - Manuela Bravo - #4
Hallelujah - Milk And Honey With Gali (2#1)
Dschinghis Khan - Dschinghis Khan - #2
Onde Estão Teus Olhos Negros - The Fevers (1#1)
We're All Alone - Rita Coolidge (2#1)
Tragedy - Bee Gees - #3
I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor - #4
Chiquitita - Abba (1#1)
Mulher Sentimental - Marco Paulo (1#1)
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy - Rod Stewart (3#1)
Born To Be Alive - Patrick Hernandez (1#1)
Ring My Bell - Anita Ward (1#1)
We Don't Talk Anymore - Cliff Richard (1#1)
Gotta Go Home - Boney M - #2
Papa Popeye - Marina - #11


30 Sucessos Explosivos - Vários (Polystar) (1#1)
O Nazareno - Frei Hermano da Câmara (3#1)
Jazz - Queen (1#1)
Stranger In Town - Bob Seger - #2
Spirits Having Flown - Bee Gees (5#1)
White Mansions - Vários (A&M) - #4
Fly Away - Voyage - #2
C'est Chic - Chic - #3
Disco Stars - Vários (2#1)
Breakfast In America - Supertramp (3#1)
Voulez Vous - ABBa (1#1)
Music For Unicef Concert - Vários - #2
Blondes Have More Fun - Rod Stewart - #4
Live Killers - Queen - #4
Explode Coração - Vários (Polystar) (2#1)
Os 22 - Vários (Polystar) (1#1)
Communiqué - Dire Straits - #6

dados recolhidos por consulta de algumas revistas Música & Som


Breakfast In America - Supertramp
O Nazareno - Frei Hermano da Câmara
Spirits Having Flown - Bee Gees
Voulez Vous - Abba

Canção Proibida - Marco Paulo
Onde Estão Teus Olhos Negros - The Fevers
Recordar É Viver - Victor Espadinha


Communiqué - Dire Straits

Os Amantes - Mara Abrantes


Oceans Of Fantasy - Boney M

Cara de Gitana - Daniel Magal
Chiquitita - Abba
Mulher Sentimental - Marco Paulo
We Don't Talk Anymore - Cliff Richard


Valentim de Carvalho
Rádio Triunfo
Arnaldo Trindade

Big Delay in foreign product - Customs Hangups Stymie Portuguese

LISBON -Disco has considerable impact on today's Portuguese pop scene and its potential as a record selling tool is fully understood by the key executives of the local industry.

But the disco field has One serious barrier to face in seeking bigger developments: Delays in production of foreign material is due to a slow and heavy-handed bureaucracy in Customs, especially over clearing master tapes and samples

Result of the interminable hangups is that several disckjockeys working in key discos are importing their records direct from abroad, despite the much increased costs.

This puts them ahead of the game in terms of besting the Portuguese release of the same product. And it means some of the spinners stop playing advance imports as soon as the Portuguese-pressed versions go on sale in the shop.

The retail level tangle is made worse by production difficulties which means a frequent shortage of records for which a big sales potencial has been built up in the clubs.

Polygram easily comes Out top of the disco-producingg majors in Portugal, with João Afonso, promotion chief, presiding over pushes on an artist roster including Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, Boney  M, Grace Jones, La Bionda, Gloria Gaynor and Abba.

But serious competition looms via Valentim de Carvalho, licensee in Portugal for a new wave of Anglo-American rockers readily accepted in discos, such as Peter Tosh, Squeeze, Joe Jackson and Police. Other top producers in the disco field are Radio Triunfo, Arnaldo Trindade, Rossil, Nova and Vadeca.

Main disco halls in Portugal are Twins and Dona Urraca in Oporto, Club Dom Pedro in Povoa de Varzim and Charlie Brown and Stones in Lisbon.

A unique estahlishment in the Portuguese disco circuit is the 2001 in Estoril, which plays only the new wave of heavy rock. featuring product from Sex Pistols, Devo, the  Members, the Motors, Wreckless Eric and others.

Generally. Portuguese disco equipment follows European trends and there will be a build-up of usage of lasers. There are no mobile discos here and roller disco happens only in isolated contests around the country.

Fernando Tenente / Bilboard

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Hernán disse...


The album "Live Killers" by Queen was certified gold. It was in 1982. It is a double album.

Do you know how it did on the Portuguese charts?

Anónimo disse...

Hello BPT,

Could list the Top 4 albums during the week Live Killers (by Queen) was at number 4?

What were the albums at the number 1, 2 and 3 positions.

bpt disse...

1-Explode Coração - Vários
2-Voulez Vous - Abba
3-Music For Unicef Concert - Vários
4-Live Killers - Queen

Anónimo disse...

Bpt, how many Top 10 weeks for Queen's Jazz in 1979?

bpt disse...

We don't know all the charts for these years. Sometimes the charts are in weeks but in others they are in months. "Música & som" (1977-1987)was published monthly after November 1978; In 1978/1979 there's also a magazine called "Top Música & Som"; after 1981 the charts were published weekly on the magazine "Tv Top" and monthly on "Música & Som"; - charts with "Jazz" (maybe from "Top Música & som" but the source is the same) are in this link -

adfg disse...

"Dire Straits" o primeiro álbum do grupo é disco de ouro em Portugal o que equivale a dizer que ultrapassou as 30.000 unidades vendidas.

"Comuniquée" dos Dire Strais ultrapassa os 30.000 exemplares e é assim logicamente disco de ouro em Portugal.

("dois discos d'ouro!" em Musicalissimo)

bpt disse...

"White Mansions" (a sort of Civil War epic with Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter and others)(...) although the package went to number one in Portugal and made it
into the top twenty in England, it wasn't exactly a smash in the States. The label was undaunted by that, however, and is now preparing (for a November 7 release) a project called "The Legend of Jesse James," written and produced by the same two guys responsible for "White Mansions" (Paul Kennerley and Glyn Johns, respectively).
RW, 04/10/1980

zer disse...

Polygram (ex-Phonogram) - Recordar é viver [50.000] / 30 Sucessos Explosivos [100.000]

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